Riccardo Zambelli


Whether he is driving his car or riding his bike, he is always in a rush.
Long, firm and steady pedal. That is how he is at work as well: he loves long way destinations and challenges stimulate him to do his best. After a long and exhausting climb, there is always a pleasant way down.

Why Opero?

Our name, Opero, holds in its simpleness the values underlying our works: the central role of the real people working daily looking for original solutions in both quality and cost efficiency.

Riccardo Pinali


Swimming into blue waters and walking around the streets of the small Greek islands is what he does best. He also dedicates with passion to his job as entrepreneur: he loves functioning, he collects daily challenges, he involves and gets involved by the people he meets.

Gianni Micheloni


He grew up with bread and Excel, computer has no secrets for him.
His strength is to find new economical and financial control methods of his family expenses. That is what he can do very well in our company as well.

Alice Porcu


Precise and organized, she is not afraid of hard work. She enjoys expressing her creativity at work, for example by color-coding Excel cells. Theatre and music have been part of her life since she was born; if she's not at work, you can definitely find her at rehearsals for her theatre company, at a Cosplay fair, or baking sweets for friends and colleagues. She loves DIY, cats (as evidenced by her beloved Mochi and Yuki), and nature walks.

Daniele Dossi

Quality Control Manager

Daniele is the engine of our team, literally. Travelling from a company to another with his car for quality checks. He loves sports, especially the ones involving food and running to the couch. During his relaxing moments, music is his best partner.

Flavio Graziani

Production Manager

He considers his job as a musical score, every musical note is a vibration. He is responsible, reliable and accurate, he can always find a solution to any request. In his personal life, he enjoys ringing bells and diving into the nature with long walks.

Enrica Dusi

Production Manager

Energy and enthusiasm are her philosophy. That is her secret for working hard as a caterpillar, with a big smile and always being very helpful.
When her work energy is running low, she dedicates to her family and enjoys baking cakes for her co-workers.

Sharon Veronesi

Production Manager

Always ready to learn new things, she’s the youngest soul in the team.
She brings a little cheerfulness and lightheartedness, which brightens up the team on difficult days. She loves chocolates, flowers and cats…but she hates soups!

Michele Marangoni

Production Manager

He has been in this business since 1987 he has seen all kinds of stuff, numismatic and philately enthusiast, avid mountain biker as a child. Now he is really into barbecue with good wine. His pure passion for the grill brought his nickname, “Serial Griller”.

Katell Le-Nagard

Sales Manager - France Area

She loves her job, she is methodical, perfectionist and helpful, Katell commits herself to find solutions even to your more ambitious projects. Her satisfaction: getting you to discover Verona and its typical food after her printing approval.

Sabine Bechetoille

Sales Manager - Switzerland, UK and USA Area

If she is neither on a horseback nor on a tennis court, you will find her in Switzerland and around Lyon, her native city. Enthusiastic and dynamic, she enjoys her work and each achievement is a satisfaction. Black belt in Taekwondo, she is also up to the challenge in a ring but not during the olive harvest, proud of her 100% organic olive oil.

Lorenzo Romagnoli

Prepress Manager

Soccer is his main thing, he is completely dedicated to his job, that is why the shade of colors have no secrets for him.
He enjoys relaxing in the mountains, picking mushrooms, however, if you invite him to dinner with a good wine, he could give everything up.

Nicola Mischi

Prepress Operator

His natural environment is the sea, his main source of relax comes from movies, video games are her parallel dimension. All of this is merged with his lifestyle, in his world, with his own rules.

Ligia Pedra

Sales Manager - Brasil & Portugal Area

Brazil is her homeland, just like her reference market. With an edge, she brings from there liveliness, dazzle and dynamism in out work environment. She is very keen on design and art. It is said she can prepare a great caipirinha!

Omar Rizzotti

Research & Development

Both stubborn and reliable at work, he has a bubbly personality with his friends and co-workers, he is always “biking” in a proactive way. If you are asking him what is he doing tomorrow, he will definitely reply he will be on a boat. Well, don’t you believe it, his mind is always working…minding business.